JDM Toyota Mark II JZX90 Tourer V Manual Super Clean 1JZ Turbo


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JDM 94 Toyota Mark ll JZX90 Tourer V Factory Manual 1JZ Turbo Sedan Camouflage Metallic 6M7 Color with right at a 100k Miles

This is my personal car and it was bone stock when i found it, which took a long time to find a stock unmolested JZX90 Tourer V Manual car and in this color even harder to find. Car has no rust and runs strong.  I am needing the room and not driving it that much anymore. All the mods were done by me and i kept the boost stock since it was my daily and didnt want to beet on it. 

Mods: Rare JDM Capitol Aruvare 18x8.5/18x9.5 Wheels that i had Powdercoated, Greddy Front Mount Kit, Tein Coilovers Rebound/Ride height adjustable with upper Pillow Ball Mounts, Kakimoto Catback exhaust with hi flow resonator, K&N airfilter, Defi Boost Guage, Pioneer Head Unit, Kouki Corner Lights and Tail Lights, Led Headlights/taillight/interior bulbs, 235/40r18 and 275/35r18 Advan tires. Car runs great and i have all the stock parts still that come with the car besides for the factory wheels. Quarters and Fenders have not been pulled.

Flaws: some rock chips on the front, small scuff on front corner of hood, left fender paint cracked around edge from tire rubbing, right side skirt has a chip up front. Small stain spot on passenger seats as pictured. Interior vents have some cracks but in good shape