About Us

We started our import journey in 2002.  We have multiple warehouses now, but have also been in the same location for over 15 years.  In this business we have seen fly by night shops.  We have stayed the test of time and continue to grow year after year.  Feel secure in doing business with a company that has zero plans on going anywhere.  Over the years we have learned the ins and outs of importing vehicles and parts from japan. 

We are a South Carolina Licensed & Bonded Dealership.  We have our own yards and auction access in Japan.  Need a car that's not legal for a year or so?  We can store at our own yards, for a fee of course, and import when the vehicle is legal.  We travel to Japan a few times a year to handpick out our JDM RHD vehicles.  We have the ability to take special orders with a deposit.  With us you cut out the middle man.

Meet Our Staff


Specializing in import/export of vehicles and parts since 2001.  Set up yards and auction access and facilitated in the importation process for other importers.  Supplied RHD vehicles for Blockbuster Hollywood Movies and TV shows.


Specializing in JDM RHD vehicles since 2004.  Rob hand picks all the Cars in Japan.  Rob has spent a substantial amount of time in Japan setting up access to auctions and additional dealer contacts.  Robs' extensive knowledge in the automotive field is how our business has remained on top for so many years.  Rob is the current Honda Nationals NASA Champion.