Frequently Asked Questions

Do the vehicles really come from Japan?

Yes, most of our vehicles are purchased from local Japanese Auto Auctions in person while others are purchased from local Japanese collectors. These vehicles are imported directly from Japan into the USA.


Do you handle the paperwork?

Yes, whether the vehicle is purchased prior to importation or after it has already arrived we handle any and all paperwork necessary for transportation, importing the vehicle, passing through customs and documenting its arrival. 


Do I need to be local?

Not always. Please contact us directly if you will not be able to come in to the office in person to sign paperwork. We are always doing our best to cater to specific needs. 


Do you offer payment plans?

No, we do not offer financing or payment plans, but we do accept third party financing. Please visit our financing page for more information. All payments must be made in full at time of purchase finalization. 


Do you offer shipping?

Yes, please contact us directly to arrange shipping and calculate charges, as these are based on your shipping address. All paper work must be done in person or can be mailed back and forth until finished. Electronic signatures are not accepted.


Why can't I get the car now?

Not all of our vehicles are available immediately. Most cars that are already imported are available for viewing in person at our location. Some of our vehicles cannot be imported right away due to USA importation laws and guidelines as the vehicle must be a certain age in order to arrive. Some of our cars are personally and carefully stored in our facility in Japan until they are able to be imported. 


What kind of cars do you sell?

Our cars are unique, hard to find sports cars, sedans, off road vehicles, everyday vehicles, motorcycles and more. We specialize in rotary engines, inline 6, V8, V6, 4 cylinders, and Japanese Kei cars. With access to over 30 local Japanese markets and auctions and Tokyo auctions with 10,000's of thousands cars sold every week, we are sure to find the perfect vehicle for you. 


Do you offer any guarantee?

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we will not sell any vehicle that does not meet our own high standards inspection. Each vehicle is carefully inspected for any damage, unoriginal parts, professional quality modifications, cleanliness and must be well maintained.


Can I hold a vehicle?

​Please contact us if you are interested in a vehicle that may require a deposit. We are always trying to cater to each customer. 


Can I return my vehicle?

No, all sales are final. We do our best to offer the highest quality vehicles and have never had an unhappy client.