JDM RHD 1992 Nissan Cima Gloria Brougham Right Hand Drive VIP Luxury


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Nissan's President Style car only made in Japan Full Luxury. Hand picked by myself in Japan and this car drives so nice. I drove it around in Japan before importing. This is a super deal as the middle man is cut out, why pay extra when you dont have to. 
JDM Japanese Imported Fed Legal 1992 Nissan Cima FGY32 Gloria Forest Green with Tan Interior, VH41DE Engine Automatic RWD VIP Luxury Car with under 52k original Miles/83k Kilometers. All Original Super Clean Inside & Out.
266HP/278lb-ft V8 VH41DE 4-Speed Automatic, Adjustable Ride Comfort Control from Inside the Cab
Full Luxury Everything works, super cold A/C, power folding mirrors, separate rear climate control, plenty of leg room. 
5 Lug, 4 Wheel Disc, S13 style Suspension and Brakes 

Following the Y32 Cedric/Gloria's June 1991 launch, the Cima was redesigned and introduced in August 1991. The car is now simply known as the Cima, and remained the flagship offering at Nissan Prince Store locations alongside the Nissan Skyline and Gloria. Later in the year, Toyota launched the independent Crown Majesta competing with the sport-oriented trim levels. The collapse of the Japanese asset price bubble resulted in lower sales for either car, compared to Nissan's previous Y31 model and Toyota's S130 model Crown Royal Saloon G.

Initially the Cima was only available with the VH41DE, a short-stroke version of the VH45DE found in the first Infiniti Q45. The air suspension introduced in the previous generation was retained along with Full-Active Suspension[2] that was available on the US-spec Infiniti Q45. Its appearance was said to reflect a more British appearance, both inside and out. An analog clock, found on most US-spec Infinitis during the same time period, also appeared in this vehicle. AWD and a V8 engine were also added to the options list. 
SC Clean Title