JDM Nissan 180sx Type X SR20 Turbo Manual


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JDM Nissan 180sx Type X SR20DET(2.0L Turbo) Manual 5 Speed transmission , LSD Rear Differential 107k kilometers/ 66k miles.

Super Clean car 0 rust from top to bottom, runs and drives great hits boost right away and shifts smooth, stock boost, everything works, fun to drive

This is a Type X so has factory side skirts and rear quarter spats, Veilside rear spoiler.

Mods: Blitz Fully adjustable coilover, JDM Man Factory Catback exhaust with aftermarket downpipe, Mines Strut bar, Recaro Racing seat on a sliding seat rail, Rev Ignit Coil packs, Aviation Performance Products Boost/Oil Temp/EGT Gauges, Aftermarket head unit, Momo Steering Wheel, Nismo Shift Knob, JDM Rear Spoiler. 16" Advan AVS Wheels with good Yokohama S Drive Tires.

Only flaws are that the dash has cracks in it and some wear on driver seat.

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Wedsite: www.jdmimportautocenter.com We have our own yard in Japan and i personally picks these out and ship them back over cutting out any middle man to save money

The Nissan 180SX is a fastback automobile that was produced by Nissan Motors between 1988 and 1998. It is based on the S13 chassis from the Nissan S platform with the variants receiving an R designation (ex. RS13 and RPS13), and was sold exclusively in Japan paired with the CA18 motor in the early models; later models paired with the SR20 motor. Outside Japan it was re-badged as the 200SX[1] and in the US market as the Nissan 240SX paired with the single overhead cam KA24E motor and later with the dual-overhead model KA24DE. The 180SX came in three major iterations: first was released in 1989, the second from 1991 to 1995, and the third that ended production in December 1998. S13 The first iteration of the 180SX came in two versions called Type I (standard type) and Type II (advanced type). Nissan's HICAS II four wheel steering system was optional only on the Type II 180SX. All versions had the CA18DET engine with 175 hp. The 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions were available in all types. The second iteration 180SX was released in January 1991 and included several major changes from the first model. This included the SR20DET engine with 202 hp. Although the engine was larger than the previous CA18DET engine the '180SX' nomenclature remained. The brakes were enlarged and limited slip differential added. The front bumper and parts of the interior were also redesigned. Type I and Type II were once again offered with only trim differences separating the two. The 15-inch alloy wheels also changed in design from the first model. Nissan's Super HICAS four wheel steering was an option on all models as were 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions. Final 180SX, showing the revised tail lights, spoiler, and rear trims The second iteration was facelifted in January 1992. Although the car largely remained visually and mechanically unchanged, an additional trim level called Type III was added. Electronic climate control and CD audio were also added as options. An additional facelift was performed in 1994, the trim levels were renamed to Type R and Type X, with Type X being the higher of the two. Overall the car remained almost unchanged however. A final facelift to the middle model occurred in May 1995 with the addition of a driver's side airbag and a change of alloy wheels amongst other minor details.