JDM 97 Nissan Cedric Gran Turismo SV


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JDM 97 Nissan Cedric Gran Turismo SV with under 83k miles

VQ25 2.5L V6 with automatic transmission rear wheel drive sporty sedan

Runs and drives great, good power, blows cold air, rides nice and smooth.  

Car is very clean minus some paint fade on rear bumper, scuff on front bumper, little paint crack on right mirror and headlight covers starting. Front left fender has been repainted and repaired, can see the work up close.  Small scratch on rear trunk and passenger sun visor has some little holes/cuts in it. ABS light came on when i got it in but came off after driving and the fuel gauge acted up but works fine now

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The Y33 was sold from June 1995 through June 1999. The VG series engine was replaced with the newly developed VQ series (except for the initial lower level versions). AWD ATTESA E-TS, also found on the Skyline, Laurel and Stagea, was added to the options list. One of the major advantages of the VQ series over the VG series was the aluminum alloy block and heads, helping to reduce weight. This generation of the Cedric was also built in LHD for export to Middle East markets. Export versions generally received the VG30E engine, with outputs from 130 to 143 PS (96 to 105 kW) depending on the octane rating.