JDM 96 Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin Wagon Turbo Diesel 4WD Manual


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JDM 96 Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin G Turbo Diesel 1KZ-TE Manual 4WD(Rare) Super Long Wheelbase High Roof Van with 140k miles fully loaded 10 Seater

These 1KZ-TE diesel motors are one of the best toyota diesel engines ever produced, great drivetrain truck runs and drive solid. Shifts great, everything works. This thing is huge so much room, im 5'9 and can almost stand straight up in it.

The Manual is geared lower then the autos(or just this model) cause 70mph/120km is closer to 3k rpms vs 2600

This Hiace is taken care of, full service(Water pump, timing belt, tensioners, belts, thermostat, coolant, filters, oil,etc..) done 26k miles ago. 

Its such a great truck but the rust starting is what sucks, its not bad but has some rust on the left side at the bottom of the wheel wells and the tail gate as pictured. But its so hard to find this model in a Manual 4wd that does not have high miles and totally banged up. 

The interior is clean minus the 1 cigarette burn in the seat cushion and looks like someone has other curtains cause there are small holes around the top of windows in the head liner. Center Console on back corner has a burn spot. 

Contact Rob 864-505-5621 for any questions

The facelifted fourth-generation HiAce was launched in August 1993. At this time, the new 3-litre 1KZ-TE turbodiesel replaced the 2L-TE and 3L diesels in HiAce Wagons (passenger car registration) in Japan. The HiAce received a facelift again during 1997 and once more in 2002. In Japanese-market commercial Hiaces the 2.8-litre 3L engine was replaced by the larger 5L engine in August 1998, in order to meet stricter emissions standards. Export models were available with a range of different engines to suit local importers, uses, and tax structures.