JDM 96 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck Manual 4LO/4HI with Locking Axle

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JDM 96 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck Manual 4LO/4HI with Locking Axle with under 13k Miles

The Suzuki Carry is a staple in the world of kei class mini trucks. It has been serving as a workhorse for Japanese farmers and businesses for decades.

3 Cylinder 660cc engine, 4 Speed Manual Transmission 4WD with rear locking diff button and 2WD/4LO/4HI, these trucks are great to have especially if you have some property to work on. They're work horses and do not come with AC. Has Heat and everything works, it will do 45mph down the road. Bedsides fold down and are removable.

Great little truck but has some cosmetic flaws, rear tailgate left hinge is bent, left bed side middle hinge rusted off and some rust on bottom of bed side

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The ninth generation Carry (and third generation Every) appeared in September 1991.The 657 cc F6A engine remained from the previous generation, but an all-new bodywork was much smoother, originally with slim, small rectangular headlights. The chassis was largely unchanged for the truck (albeit with a somewhat longer wheelbase), but the vans had a considerably longer wheelbase and an engine mounted midships, just ahead of the rear axle. Chassis codes changed accordingly, and were now different for the Carry and the Every. The trucks are DC/DD51T and the vans are DE/DF51V ("DD" and "DF" for four-wheel drive versions). Two different front treatments were available, one with small rectangular aerodynamic headlights and one with large, round units (used on lower-spec models).

The ninth-generation Carry received a very gentle facelift in September 1993, which meant that the front drum brakes were switched to discs on all models. Two months later the Carry Van line switched to the Every nameplate and the division between trucks and vans was made clearer yet. Another light change occurred in July 1995, when the front turn signals were changed from clear to amber and the bolt pattern was changed from 114.3 to 100 mm. This generation continued to be built until 1999. Most export markets continued to receive the previous generation Carry, with bigger engines and most commonly with van bodywork. The older Super Carry is generally more rugged than the DE/DF51, which was fitted with a coil sprung De Dion rear axle not as suitable for carrying heavy loads. In those rather few foreign markets where the ninth-generation Carry was available, it was sold as the SK306 and with a version of the 657 cc engine used in the Japanese Domestic Market. In late 1997, the retro-styled Suzuki Every C arrived.