JDM 96 Subaru Sambar Diaz ll Maleza Supercharged 4WD Manual Van Pending Sale

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JDM 96 Subaru Sambar Diaz ll Maleza Supercharged Fuel Injected 4WD Manual RHD Van with just under 47.5k miles verified, just had a full service done less then 300miles ago.

This thing is so cool just look at all the pictures, runs and drives great, Manual full time 4WD, has Air Condition, dual Heat, van was mint till the rear tailgate and bumper got damaged in shipping. Interior is very clean and well taken care of, seats are in great condition and have factory seat covers to protect them. Driver seat cover has some wear, as pictured. Rear right quarter by bumper has a scratch also. 

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The Subaru Sambar is a cabover truck and microvan manufactured and marketed by Subaru as Japan's first truck compliant with the country's strict Kei vehicle tax class. Introduced in 1961 in microvan and Kei pickup configurations, the Sambar remains in production, now in its eighth generation 

The fifth generation Sambar was introduced in 1990. Engine regulations for displacement size were increased and the Sambar's engine was upgraded to 660 cc. For the 4WD version it sold as Subaru Dias Wagon as a permanent trim model. Commercials in Japan used Kuniko Yamada, a Japanese comedian.

The tradition of using the engine in Subaru's Kei car offering was continued, with the Subaru Vivio sharing its EN07 engine with this version of the Sambar. The engine now had four cylinders and 55 PS (54 bhp) was available with an optional supercharged model, coupled with fuel injection. An automatic transmission was offered in the form of Subaru's ECVT system in tandem with full-time 4WD and a viscous coupling differential.


1994 saw a full model change for the Domingo, using the new Sambar design coupled to the Subaru Justy's EF12 SOHC three-cylinder engine displacing 1200 cc. A maximum seating capacity of seven was possible. October 1995 saw the elimination of the ECVT transmission due to drivability issues and a 3-speed automatic was made available instead, coupled to the EMPi 46 PS (45 bhp) engine.

Special edition appearance packages were offered including a retro "Dias Classic", later available on the Sambar truck, influenced by the Subaru Vivio Bistro. A Sambar Dias Classic appears in Love Hina as Seta's van.