JDM 96 Subaru Legacy Touring W Grand Wagon Raised Roof 4WD Automatic RHD

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JDM 96 Subaru Legacy Touring W Grand Wagon Raised Roof 4WD Automatic RHD with 103k miles 

This Subaru Legacy is the Grand Wagon with more ground clearance and a Raised Roof, 2 Sunroofs, Heated Power Folding Mirrors, Fog Lights, Rear Cargo Fan, Winter/Hold Transmission Mode, Rear Subaru Cargo Cage.

EJ25D DOHC 2.5L Boxer Engine, 4WD Transmission 

Flaws: Paint fade starting on roof, top of front bumper and top of mirrors, scuff on rear left bumper, paint blemish in rear left door and small scratch on rear left quarter. Cigarette burn in rear left seat, small wear on driver seat, top of door panels have fade along with front defroster dash vent. The hood has 2 nicks on it.

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Second generation sales in Japan began October 7, 1993, and an introduction for model year 1995 in North America with a full body and chassis revision. The exterior was designed by Olivier Boulay, who was hired by Subaru on a short-term basis. The tail light appearance on both the sedan and wagon was influenced by the taillights on the SVX. In 1996, Subaru decided to make AWD standard equipment in all vehicles produced for the North American market, which would be the case until 2012. Subaru still offered a choice between FWD and AWD for its domestic market vehicles for this generation. The Outback was introduced with this generation in 1995 as a trim package, then with increased ground clearance and raised roof line in 1996. Only AWD was offered internationally, and the air suspension with height control was no longer offered.

US-spec GT models, first offered in 1990 as a turbocharged sedan or wagon in Japan, and as a trim package for the US version in 1994, became a top level model upgrade in 1996, using the new EJ25D DOHC 2.5 L naturally aspirated engine. "Limited" trim level editions were introduced, offering heated leather, or cloth, seats and trim and a tinted, glass moonroof. The term "Limited" appeared on the "GT", known as the "GT Limited" in 1998. The term "Limited" was used by itself on the Outback in 1998. Driver and front passenger airbags were added with the redesigned interior as standard equipment in accordance with US Federal Government regulations. 1999 marked the 30th anniversary of Subaru in America, and the last of the second generation in North America. There was a special 30th Anniversary Edition offered in the US with upgraded interior and sunroof, spoiler, alloy wheels on the "L" trim level cars. The US-spec "Brighton" trim level also carried over from the facelifted first generation version that was priced below the "L" trim option.

In Japan, the GT/B-Spec was introduced in 1994 with lowered and stiffened suspension and a higher performance rear differential. The next generation of the GT-B was introduced June 1996, with the front and rear struts supplied by Bilstein,[4] with the upgrade also available on the RS. The "B" designation stood for Bilstein. Turbocharged versions continued to be available in markets that used right-hand-drive configurations. Specialty touring and racing versions were available in Japan, as well as the DOHC 2-liter twin sequential turbocharged EJ20H version on both the Legacy GT sedan and wagon with an automatic transmission and the RS sedan and GT-B wagon with the EJ20R and a manual transmission and a slightly higher horsepower rating, both identified as "Boxer 2-stage Twin Turbo" on the engine cover shroud.