JDM 95 Nissan Cedric HY33 Brougham Turbo Sedan Super Clean 22k Miles


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JDM 95 Nissan Cedric HY33 Brougham Turbo Sedan

Super Clean All Original with 22k Miles,  VQ30DET Turbo Engine with Intercooler, Automatic Transmission, AC, Power Steering, Power Folding Mirrors, Front Passenger Seat has Power Options on the side for person sitting in the back could have more room.

Car is mint besides for small scuff on front left corner of bumper on the bottom edge, small indent/scuff on rear left corner bumper and small scratch behind rear right door on C pillar as pictured.   All original non accident car,  0 Rust

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 Nissan built these cars to compete with BMW's and Mercedes German cars.

Glorias were sold at Nissan Prince Shop dealerships that were formerly affiliated with the Prince company; when Nissan assumed operations, Glorias were sold along with the Nissan Skyline.

 he Y33 series Nissan Gloria is given a body restyle and introduced June 1995. Major changes were the introduction of the newly developed VQ series engine, and replacing the VG series, with the VQ30DET turbo utilizing an intercooler and DOHC valvetrain architecture. AWD is introduced only on the RB25DET, including Nissan's ATTESA E-TS. The diesel RD28 is now only available with a 4-speed transmission. Due to economic pressure, some of the trim levels are discontinued, leaving the Gran Turismo type X, Gran Turismo Ultima, Gran Turismo SV, Gran Turismo S, Gran Turismo, Brougham VIP, Brougham and the Brougham J.