JDM 95 Honda CR-V 4WD Auto RHD


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JDM 95 Honda CR-V 4WD Automatic RHD Blue with 124k miles 

This CR-V has Hondas Real Time 4WD system with a B20B 2.0L DOHC Engine, runs and drives great, everything works, blows cold air, has the cool rare rear wing. These things run for along time

Interior carpets were all cover with factory Honda Access weather matts that are in the trunk, i removed them to show how clean the floor matts are. Interior is in good condition just a cigarette burn in passenger seat. This CR-V also came with the optional rear cargo cover that is included.

Has some flaws like paint fade on the roof and hood, rust coming through around rear wheel well, the underneath side of the vehicle is clean, some scuffs and scratches as pictured but great for post office use.   Tires still have plenty of meat and the vehicle has been looked over

Contact Rob 864-505-5621 for any questions

The first generation CR-V or RD1 was Honda's first in-house designed sport utility vehicle by Hiroyuki Kawase. The CR-V was introduced in Japan at Honda Verno dealerships only and was regarded as a luxury vehicle in Japan due to the exterior width dimensions exceeding Japanese Government dimension regulations. For the North American market, it was displayed at the 1996 Chicago Auto Show and went on sale in February 1997.

Upon introduction, the model had only one trim level, which would later be known as the LX model trim; it was powered by the 2.0-litre straight-four B20B producing 126 hp (94 kW) at 5400 rpm and 133 lb⋅ft (180 N⋅m) of torque at 4800 rpm. Outer dimensions for this engine would be identical to the Integra's 1.8 L engine, but internally the engine had a larger 84 mm (3.3 in) bore to add the extra displacement needed to produce more torque. The engine used a one-piece cylinder sleeve construction unique from any other B-series engine. The chassis was a unibody design with fully independent suspension. The front suspension was double-wishbone, while the rear used a trailing arm-based multilink system. Inside, the rear seats were able to fold down, and a picnic table was stowed in the rear floor area. All models featured plastic cladding covering the front bumper, rear bumper, and fender wells. In most countries, CR-Vs had a chrome grille; however, in the United States, the grille was made out of the same black plastic as the bumpers. The EX included anti-lock brakes and 15 inch alloy wheels over the LX trim. Drivetrain options were front-wheel drive or Honda's Real Time AWD.