JDM 94 Toyota Cresta Super Lucent GX90 Manual RHD


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94 JDM Toyota Cresta Super Lucent GX90 Sedan with manual transmission, 1G-FE inline 6 cylinder 2.0L engine. 82.5k miles on car
Runs and drives great, real nice car, everything works, AC blows cold, this car does not have power steering but easy to drive. I put a few hundred miles on it with no issues. Car has 0 rust.

Full service done less then 20k miles ago
Car is very clean minus scuff on rear bumper, paint bubbling on rear bumper in one spot, small scratch on rear right quarter that is minimal, shift boot has a tear, and 1 cigarette burn in the front passenger seat.
Really easy to swap a 1JZ drivetrain in it, half the price of a chaser.

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 The X90 Cresta debuted in 1992 with significant styling and mechanical changes over the X80. The car increased in size and gained some new trim levels similar to its sister cars, the Mark II and Chaser. Engines were carried over from the past generation albeit without the 7M or supercharged 1G I6's. Toyota also changed the front grille and taillight design in 1994. Under Japanese exterior dimension regulations, this series was no longer regarded as a "compact car".

The X90 Cresta was offered in 4 primary trim levels throughout its run (the SC, Suffire, Super Lucent and Tourer), each with their own options and even more specific trim categorizations. All cars shared common longitudinal layout architecture as well as certain options standard, like automatic climate control and side-impact bars, not to mention driver-side airbags in 1995. The base trim level SC had very little in terms of options; it was powered by either a petrol or diesel engine mated to a 4-speed automatic. The next level Suffire had the same options available (or lack thereof) as the SC plus an optional 5-speed manual.

The Super Lucent however was a much different story: this trim offered 3 different straight 6 engines from 2.0L-3.0L mated to an electronically controlled 4-speed automatic with options like a moon roof or a factory LSD. Further differentiating Super Lucent models was the G package, which featured ABS, 15" wheels, cruise control and a leather interior. Permanent 4WD was offered as an option in 1993. The various sized engine displacements gave Japanese buyers choices as to which annual road tax obligation they were willing to pay.

The Tourer trim levels all featured a 2.5L 1JZ straight 6, but with a few differences. The Tourer S had a naturally aspirated engine and only a 4-speed automatic whereas the Tourer V's came with a pair of turbochargers and the option of a 5-speed manual. All Tourers had front- and rear-stabilizer bars but only the Tourer V's came with traction control, ABS and an LSD standard. Tourer V's were very popular amongst enthusiasts and drifters due to their stiff chassis and power-to-weight ratio.