JDM 90 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck 4wd Manual 4Lo/Hi Locking Diffs


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JDM 90 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck 3 Cylinder 660cc 4wd 4 Speed Manual Transmission 4Lo/Hi Locking Front Diff and Locking Rear Axle with 48k Miles 

The Suzuki Carry is a staple in the world of kei class mini trucks. It has been serving as a workhorse for Japanese farmers and businesses for decades.

Great little truck for off roading, this thing is hard to get stuck with and has the best offraod setup compared to the other mini trucks cause of the front and rear locking diffs. Runs like a champ and has that old school look.

Has some scuffs and scratched but overall in really good condition, has good tires and everything works

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The eighth generation Carry (and second generation Every) appeared in March 1985.  It was modernized and the range again expanded, with a more powerful fuel injected engine available on top. The chassis codes became quite confusing, with DA/DB71 used for the F5A engined model (DB signifying four-wheel drive) and DA81 for the two-stroke truck which remained available until the Carry underwent a facelift in July 1986. T, B, and V suffixes were used to denote trucks, trucks with tip decks, and vans. Beginning in late 1987, a 52 PS (38 kW) turbocharged engine was available in the Every, while the Carry truck received a three-valve, supercharged version of the F5A engine with 48 PS (35 kW). There was also a short-lived nine-valve version with 32 PS (24 kW) available for better equipped versions of the Every; the regular six-valve version had to make do with 30 PS (22 kW). In May 1989 the more modern multi-valve F5B engine entered the lineup; it received the DA/DB41 chassis code and replaced most of the F5A engines. This new engine also became available in the badge-engineered Autozam Scrum, sold by Mazda (DG/DH41).


With the rules regarding the size and engines of kei-cars being altered for March 1990, Suzuki had to update the Carry/Every which now carried the DA/DB51 chassis code.A larger 657 cc engine provided somewhat more power, ranging from 38 to 58 PS (28 to 43 kW), and new more rounded bodywork provided a more modern look. The least powerful engine received an upgrade in March 1991, increasing output to 42 PS (31 kW), but only six months later the DA/DB51 was replaced by the reshelled ninth generation Carry and Every.