JDM 1990 Honda Integra XSI Right Hand Drive Postal RHD Vtec Acura DA

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Personally imported and driven here and in Japan, awesome car to drive, reliable, great on fuel. 
JDM Fed Legal Right Hand Drive Maroon 1990 Honda Integra XSI DOHC Vtec automatic with 60k miles. All stock/original besides for the rims, TV Headunit radio and speakers. Super clean car, no rust, interior had seat covers and is a nonsmokers car. Clean great running car.
This Integra XSI has the B16(160HP) Dual Over Head Cam Vtec engine with a Automatic Transmission.

We import JDM cars and have a yard in Japan, i personally travel to Japan and hand pick vehicles for importation. We cut out all the middle men and offer cheaper prices cause of this when dealing direct.
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This second generation Integra was introduced in April 1989 and in this generation, one of the first VTEC engines ever manufactured by Honda was installed in a JDM Integra DA series. For North America's GS-R only, the B17A1 engine is a 1.7-litre naturally aspirated engine with a specific power output of 160 PS (118 kW; 158 hp). VTEC engagement is at 4,800 rpm on the B16A engine, redline for the XSi is 8,200 rpm. All Japanese models remained exclusive to Honda Japanese dealership network called Honda Verno.

There were two variants of the top DOHC VTEC model, the RSi, and the XSi. The RSi was the base model with a lighter weight thanks to wind-up windows, no rear spoiler and few options. Early RSi models also featured the S1 gearbox with slightly closer gear ratios than the Y1 fitted to the XSi. The XSi was the fully optioned variant with climate control and optional sunroof and ABS. The XSi had a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) time of 7.2 seconds and can complete a standing quarter mile in 15.1 seconds. This top spec DOHC VTEC model was complemented by more docile models that used dual-carburetor or PGM-Fi versions of the versatile ZC engine but in the more compact SOHC configuration. Similarly there were base and full options variants of these SOHC engine Integras coded RX/RXi and ZX/ZXi respectively. All vehicles sold in Japan had their width dimensions slightly reduced so as to be in compliance with Japanese government regulations concerning exterior dimensions so that the car would be officially recognized as a "compact" and not incur yearly taxes for being wider. In October 1991, the range received a mild facelift. At the same time, a 1.8-liter version of the four-door hardtop was made available in Japan. Called the ESi, it offered 140 PS (103 kW; 138 hp) at 6,300 rpm and was only available in conjunction with a four-speed automatic transmission.[15] At the same time, the VTEC was upgraded and now had 170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp).

This generation saw the discontinuation of the five-door hatchback, and the first availability of a four-door sedan outside Japan. The new hardtop bodystyle reflected a popular trend in Japan of offering an entry level sedan, such as the Civic-based platform the Integra used, in a reduced height four-door hardtop. The Integra sedan saw competition from the similarly sized Toyota Corolla Ceres, the Toyota Sprinter Marino, the Nissan Presea, and the Mazda Lantis. It should be noted that the sedan was only styled to look like a hardtop. The vehicle retained the B-pillar, while the doors were constructed without window frames. This styling carried over to the third generation sedan, and shared visual similarities to the Honda Verno larger companion, the Honda Vigor.