1992 Suzuki Jimny RHD Right Hand Drive JDM Off Road Postal


Regular price $6,695.00

Driven in Japan and here, personally imported. These keep going up in price and i cant hold on to them.
JDM Fed Legal White 1993 Suzuki Jimny Turbo 660cc 3 Cylinder 5 Speed 4 Wheel Drive(H/L) SUV, Weighs in under 1900lbs. Factory Rear LSD, Front Open Diff with Lockers. 4 Seater/Hard Top. 86,800 miles
The Japanese Jimny comes with 5.12 Final Drives, Rear LSD Differential, and a lower 4 low gearing then a Samurai. These things can crawl and make it through alot of places Jeeps cant cause its smaller and geared lower.
4 Stroke 3 Cylinder 660cc Liquid Cooled Fuel Injected engine. 65k Miles/104k kilometers 
Trucks in excellent condition no rot, real clean frame, runs and drives good with no issues or leaks. Real good truck. Cleanest Jimny i've had yet. SUPER CLEAN
This Jimny is bone stock, never molested. All original paint body, paint is super clean no fade. 140k kilometers/86k miles.
Great For Offroading, I have one and it goes everywhere and anywhere. Super Fun Trucks and very similar to a Suzuki Samurai Just Lighter and Smaller Engines Turbo'd 

I personally picked this one out in Japan and drove it around, we have a yard in Japan and personally pick out all my vehicles. Im able to sell at a great price cause i cut out all the middle men, deal direct and save money

Fed Legal SC Title