96 Suzuki Jimny Coily JA22W 4x4 SUV Manual RHD

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JDM 96 Suzuki Jimny JA22W 4WD Wild Wind with just under 102k miles(verified) Manual 4x4 4Lo/HI transfer case. Weighs in under 2000lbs and is 53" wide, great for trails and does 65mph down the road just fine. Everything works runs and drives great, i put just under a 100miles on it. Cruises great.

These Jimnys are so much more comfortable to drive then the earlier models, this is the 1st generation Jimny with Coil Spring suspension(good bye leaf springs), also the JA22W model has electric power steering which is so easy to drive, a Dual Cam All Aluminum Turbo 3 Cylinder 660CC engine that revs to almost 9k rpm. Thats only the beginning on how much cooler they are then the older jimnys and samurais, the interior is such a upgrade to with more leg room, cooler seats, split folding rear seats, the panels and the dash are so much nicer.

All original, everything seems to work besides for ac not blowing cold air and 1 fog light bulb being out. Runs strong and everything feels solid.  The truck does have rust as pictured around wheel wells and bottom of rockers.   Frame looks solid with no rot, front seats have seat covers cause driver seat looks to have some wear.  This truck is great for off roading 

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The Samurai continued for sale outside the United States (where the newer version is referred to as the 'Coily'), with a substantial update in November 1995. This included a coil spring suspension, though both live axles were retained. The rest of the truck was redesigned as well, with new seats, dashboard, steering wheel, doors and front grille. The JA22 received the newly developed and more powerful K6A engine.