93 Nissan Silvia S14 K's Turbo SR20DET Manual Drift


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This thing runs strong and sideways, such a fun car to drive.

Fed Legal JDM 1993 Nissan Silvia S14 K's Sr20DET Black Top Notch Back, 5 Speed Manual Transmission with 80k kilometers/49.5k miles

This is the way i got it from Japan, car was originally Red painted White, has a Drift Body Kit with vented Hood, Enkie 17" wheels, Blitz Full Adjustable Coilovers, Catback Exhaust, Blitz Intake, 1.5way clutch type diff, stock side mount with stock boost, aftermarket catback exhaust.(Sounds Crazy), 300zx 4 Piston Front Brake Kit, etc..

Car has not rust, never looks to have been in a wreck, rear right bottom of quarter looks to be pushed in a little. Straight strong running car. A/C works Dash has some cracks above cluster, Center console missing, Carpet is missing along with headliner, A pillar/C pillar trim also missing. Trunk is gutted

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The S14 Silvia debuted in Japan towards the end of 1993. It was lower and wider than the S13. New rounded styling contributed to the illusion of a greater increase in size than actually occurred. Wheelbase and track were both increased, leading to slightly improved handling. Unlike export markets, where sales of the S14 chassis variants faltered, the Silvia remained popular in Japan. However, the width dimension exceeded 1700 mm, which pushed this generation out of the compact class tax bracket, which also made Japanese buyers liable for higher road taxes. The fastback and convertible bodystyles was discontinued internationally, leaving only the coupe in production. Trim level designations were similar to the S13, however the Club Selection package was dropped. "Aero" variants of the Q's and K's were offered that featured large rear wings and mild ground effects. The S14 Silvia K's received a new version of the SR20DET, with a slight bump in power due to the implementation of Nissan's variable cam timing system known as N-VCT, on the intake cam, and a larger T28 turbocharger.