JDM 84 Suzuki Jimny SJ30V Hard Top 2 Stroke 4x4 SUV Manual


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JDM 84 Suzuki Jimny SJ30 V Hartop 4x4 SUV Manual 4 Speed 3 Cylinder 550cc 2 Stroke Engine 66k kilometers/ 41k miles( Verified)

2" Lift kit with aftermarket 16" Wheels.


Super cool truck and real hard to come by, it sounds like a snowmobile and runs great.  Has a lot of low end torque. 4H/4L Transfer case.  Has a manual choke and its own premix tank for 2 stroke oil. The expansion chamber pipe is so cool and the thing braps.

Jimny has some rust due to it being a 84, floors good, seats have some wear as pictured. 

For any questions please contact Rob 864-505-5621

The SJ30 Jimny 550 was mainly for Japanese domestic market consumption where it suited the Kei car category. Still powered by the LJ50 engine also used in its predecessor, the Jimny 550 was by a sizable margin the last two-stroke car engine built in Japan. Production ended with the withdrawal of type approval in November 1987 in favor of its F5A-engined brother, the JA71. The two-stroke had been favored by Japanese off-roaders (and by Suzuki) due to its light weight and superior low-speed torque.

The Suzuki Jimny is a line of four-wheel drive off-road mini SUVs, made by Japanese automaker Suzuki since 1970. Originated as a car in the Japanese Kei car (light automobile) tax and legal class – a Kei car version is still made for the Japanese market today, as well as versions that exceed that class's legal limits, in Japan called the Jimny Sierra. The latter are also successfully sold in worldwide markets. Suzuki has sold 2.85 million of them in 194 countries from launch in April 1970 through September 2018.