1994 Maroon Nissan Cedric Grand Turismo Ultima Turbo VG30DET


Regular price $7,495.00

Fed Legal 1994 Maroon Nissan Cedric Grand Turismo Ultima Turbo VG30DET Automatic with 178k kilometers/110k miles. Fully Loaded with separate Front/Rear A/C Controls, Cloth Interior, Runs and drives great, $8495  

Cars very nice to drive, very comfortable, luxury and gets many looks and questions.

I personally travel to Japan and hand pick cars, we have a yard in Japan and with us we are able to sell cars cheaper cause we cut out all the middle men. Please contact Rob 864-505-5621 for any questions.

Nissan built these cars to compete with BMW's and Mercedes German cars.

Glorias were sold at Nissan Prince Shop dealerships that were formerly affiliated with the Prince company; when Nissan assumed operations, Glorias were sold along with the Nissan Skyline.

This generation Gloria was introduced June 1991, and was offered as a sedan; a center "B" pillar was added to improve vehicle solidity, and improve crash worthiness, but is obscured behind side window glass and frameless side windows. The VG series engine continues to be offered with the 5-speed computer-controlled automatic transmission.